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Window Perf Graphics

Window Perf Murals



These Window Perf graphics are durable, affordable, and easy to install. The material is designed to make it easy to see out  from the inside of your vehicle, but practically opaque from the  outside. These perforated rear window truck decals provide a layer of security by blocking visibility to individuals outside of the vehicle. Our perforated one way vision vinyl also helps block out 50% of sunlight  that comes in  through the rear window. 

  • Universal Size 66"x20" (Please Measure Your Window BEFORE Purchasing) We can slightly alter sizes to suit your vehicle at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Message us BEFORE ordering with the size you would need.
  • Our decals are printed on high quality 50/50 See-Through perforated vinyl with clear laminate for durability.
  • Decal is visible from outside and See-Through from the inside. Vinyl will not obstruct view from inside the vehicle.
  • Works With Existing Tints, Sliding Windows, Wipers, and Defrosters
  • Easy installation. Long time durability. 
  • Includes squeegee and illustrated instructions.
  • Cut to size during installation.
  • Will work with both split window and full window trucks.

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